Symphony video with scream goes viral; woman speaks out


    REDDING, Calif. - A Northstate woman is speaking out after a video of her screaming during a North State Symphony concert went viral.

    The November 12 concert started out like any other until Conductor Scott Seaton lead the team through Igor Stravinsky's Firebird.

    At one point in the musical number the volume is really low and then suddenly picks up in a crescendo, that's when Stephanie Evans screamed.

    "We all heard it. It was very audible and then I saw the orchestra start to chuckle I thought it was my job in that moment to assure the audience that, that was okay," said Seaton.

    In music, Seaton said distractions are normal but the show must go on. After the scream he even turned around and winked at the audience as the crowd and some musicians started to laugh.

    "I think it's great that someone can have such a physical reaction to sound. And for something like this to happen very randomly here I think is great," said Seaton.

    When the video of the performance went viral no one knew who screamed. That was until Evans stepped forward and talked with Seaton.

    When asked if she gets startled easily, Evans said, "No but it depends on the activity level and how much down time I've given myself and I have not given myself a lot of down time in the last few weeks. Since this happened a friend of mine reminded me that I did the same thing during Pirates of the Caribbean."

    She clarified that unlike original reports she did not fall asleep. She was closing her eye to get a deeper feeling for the music, something Evans said she does frequently when at the symphony.

    "In this instance I was sitting there very meditatively feeling the peace and bliss of that peaceful blissful place and then I was startled," said Evans.

    During the moment Evans said she was embarrassed but now looking back not so much. She said the way Seaton handled the scream showed his professionalism. Seaton said the scream is helping millions of viewers to know it is okay to get lost and interact with the music.

    "It's just a delight to know the attention it has brought to the Northstate and the symphony and what Scott has to offer," said Evans.

    The North State Symphony hold a number of events throughout the year. The next time they are in Redding will be for a New Year's Eve Spectacular at the Civic Auditorium.

    For a full list of events and concerts click here.

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