Community support pours in for couple believed to have started Carr Fire

It has been three weeks since the Carr Fire was started by what is believed to be a flat tire.

Now, members of the community are reaching out to the couple who had the flat tire to tell them they are forgiven. Many saying it could have happened to anyone. Telling them not to feel guilty.

Rachel Pilli of Redding wanted to send the couple a card. She knew the elderly couple's neighbor and believed that she could get a message of support to them.

"I was thinking if I could send a card, maybe my friends would also send a card," said Pilli.

So she posted on social media asking if anyone else would like to send one too. Two days later, she's got a basket of nearly 100 letters and they keep coming.

Pilli's post was shared on a Facebook page called Carr Fire Stories. The page is a place for people to share their stories of rebuilding and the community sticking together. The administrator of the page, Hope Seth, said more than 300 people responded to the post.

"We had fire fighters out there fighting the fire send notes, we've had counselors saying they would be willing to meet with the couple, we've had people who've lost everything and they are even saying it's not your fault," said Seth, "The grandfather Ed Bledsoe who lost his wife and grandchildren. His granddaughter, I believe, made a post about how they weren't to blame."

Seth said they are going to print out the Facebook comments and messages and add them to the physical letters. Floranthropist is donating flowers and it will all be donated to the couple.

"I think the fire has forced us to look into each others eyes and discover the human kindness we have in us," said Pilli. "I think it's so beautiful what came out of this."

If you would like to contribute a letter, you can drop it off at Care Net Pregnancy Center at 2460 Athens Ave in Redding.

If you don't have Facebook and want to see and contribute to the Carr Fire Stories you can visit

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