Three arrested in Fall River Mills after trespassing, vehicle theft

Three people were arrested over the weekend after two were allegedly trespassing and another was found driving a stolen vehicle.

The investigation began Saturday around 8:00 p.m. when Shasta County Sheriff's deputies responded to a possible “in-progress” burglary call from property owner, Craig Knoch, in the area of Dee Knoch Road in Fall River Mills.

When deputies arrived on scene, Knoch told the deputies that he had recently seen a man and a woman near a shop on his property.

However, just as he was approaching the suspects, he says he saw the woman speed off in a red Ram pickup truck and the man run away.

After a short search, Maurice Alessandro was found and arrested on two outstanding misdemeanor warrants and for trespassing on Knoch's property.

Shortly after, Knoch was able to track down and photograph the truck and the woman at a local hotel in Fall River Mills before once again contacting authorities.

Deputies were able to identify the woman as Gloria Netti Martinez-Winn, due to being familiar with her, and issued a “Be On The Lookout” for her and the truck.

Sunday afternoon officials found the red Ram pickup truck on Hwy 299E in Burney. When officials stopped the car they found J Tucker Bellegante in the drivers seat and Winn in the passenger seat.

During the investigation, officials discovered that the truck was originally stolen from the McArthur area.

Bellegante was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle and a probation violation. Winn admitted to stealing the truck and was arrested for vehicle theft, trespassing on Knoch’s property and two outstanding warrants.

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