Tips & tricks to keep packages safe on Amazon Prime Day


For all the Amazon Prime membership users, Monday was an exciting deal-saving day.

Prime Day is Amazon's annual shopping day for Amazon Prime membership users, where Amazon offers millions of deals and discounts.

Last year, Amazon shipped billions of prime packages.

In the first hour of Prime Day in the US, customers have ordered more items compared to the first hours last year in 2017, according to Amazon.

And if you're expecting packages to be delivered to your home, there are tips and tricks shoppers can use to keep your packages safe from porch pirates.

The first tip is to be home on the delivery date. Amazon sends an email notification of the expected delivery date.

If a package is delivered when shoppers aren't at home experts suggest notifying a neighbor or neighbors if they can be on the lookout for any packages coming by on that day.

The second tip is instead of home delivery, Amazon provides lockers at local stores where items can be delivered.

Amazon lockers can be found at the Safeway stores in Redding.

Shoppers can also search for the nearest locker location on the Amazon website or instead, you can have your package be delivered at the UPS or FedEx stores.

And lastly, there is an option of having packages delivered to a trusted location.

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