Turtle Bay hosts 4th annual 'Noon Year's Eve' party


REDDING, Calif. - On Sunday, the Turtle Bay Exploration Park held their 4th annual Noon Year’s Eve Party for families and kids who can’t stay up until midnight to celebrate the new year. Many families attended the event making it a successful celebration that went from 10 a.m. to noon. 

Games, arts and crafts, a photo station, and a coloring station were all set up for the kids to enjoy.

Families like the Dragone family came to the celebration to have their 2-year-old daughter Vivienne celebrate without staying up past her bedtime.

"It's great, we love Turtle Bay. We're members and we love how exclusive it is with our community and we can bring our daughter here. She absolutely loves it. And just not keeping her up until midnight is just not feasible for us to its a wonderful way to celebrate, " said Vivienne's mother, Melinda Dragone.

Turtle Bay plans to have the Noon Year’s Eve Party again next year so more families will be able to attend the event. 

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