Money for Redding's police body cameras redirected

Four years ago, the idea of using body cameras for the Redding Police Department was discussed and money was approved by the Redding City Council.

However, the money originally allocated for the body camera has been redirected to be spent on other things for the department.

The city of Redding allocated around $250,000 to the department back in 2014 for the cameras. This decision was made when Redding's former Police Chief Rob Paoletti ran the department.

Back in 2015, Paoletti said the cost for the body camera pilot program would cost about $200,000 and an additional $95,000 was needed to hire someone to manage the storage for the video. Paoletti said the body cameras would not save the city money that they may need to be spent on litigation.

In 2017, Paoletti reiterated the importance of hiring a data manager before moving forward with the program.

"I have to have the person to manage the data and if I can't manage the data, I don't want to collect the data so this is really about resources budget and whether or not we can get the staff to fund the ongoing costs," he said.

On Thursday, Chief Moore said since there is no ongoing funding to hire labor to manage the data and that the cost for video storage is expensive, the department "unencumbered" the money to purchase other things needed for the police department.

As for if Chief Moore would consider using body cameras in the department, he said: "In the future, it may be considered here but at this time I don't have any plans for it. I think there are too many unknowns for it. Agencies across California and across the nation, they don't have any consistent standard or protocols for body-wear cameras."

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