Vegetation fire near new Redding homes in Salt Creek Heights quickly contained

Salt Creek Heights fire contained

A one acre vegetation fire was quickly contained by Redding fire shortly after 2:15 p.m. on Friday in the developing neighborhood of Salt Creek Heights.

Redding Fire engines and Cal Fire were able to stop the vegetation fire from spreading to nearby homes with multiple water tenders and air attack on standby.

According to Redding Fire Marshal Craig Whittner the fire was caused when sparks stared flying from heavy equipment. The construction vehicle was stuck on a slope, causing the metal tracks of the equipment to grind on rocks. The sparks then ignited dry vegetation in the area.

The construction crew has water tenders on site and are actively spraying the land. Crews had sprayed the area down earlier but it wasn’t enough to keep the fuels wet due to the triple digit weather conditions.

"These people were taking the proper precautions necessary and even when they are trying to be safe, a fire can be ignited. It’s a good reminder to folks, even when you do not intend for bad things to happen and you’re trying to be safe, something bad can happen," Whittner cautions high fire alert remains for the rest of the weekend. Conditions are hot and dry.

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