Water temperatures remain cold as Northstate heat builds


    REDDING, Calif. - Hot temperatures this weekend may tempt people to take a swim in the river or the lake. If you do, the Sheriff's Office said to be prepared for a shock as the water temperature is still cold.

    Sergeant Rob Sandbloom with the Boating Safety Unit said the office is already looking for a busy weekend as college students from Oregon hit the lake and those native to the Northstate try to stay cool.

    Sandbloom adds if you're heading out for the first time this season, inspect your boat, double check to make sure all the necessary items, like life jackets, are onboard, and freshen up on the rules of the water.

    Once in the water, he said to prepare for a quick cool down as water temperatures remain cold this time of year. Shasta Lake is running normal in the low to mid 60's while the river in Shasta County is consistently in the 50's.

    "Most people like to keep their swimming pools to the mid 70's if not the 80's. So swimming around in 60 degree water it could shock some people's bodies," said Sandbloom.

    If a swimmer stay too long in the water, Sandbloom said hypothermia could set in. The lake will warm up once the heat sticks around for a few weeks. The temperature of the Sacramento River will only warm up as it hits Butte and Glenn counties.

    Sandbloom adds even farther down stream it may not be a good idea to jump into the river with an inner tube right now, until the water current drops off for the summer season.

    National Boating Safety Week kicks off Saturday, May 20 and goes through Friday, May 26. For more information on boating safety both inland and on the ocean click here.

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