Wife of two-time Purple Heart veteran, waiting for his return after he was found in L.A.

Portrait of Bob and Florence Mcintosh, taken at their home in Redding.

A 90-year-old, two-time Purple Heart recipient and former peace officer who was reported missing in Redding has been found more than 500 miles away in the Los Angeles area.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies say Robert McIntosh, known as "Bob" was found in the City of Commerce around 6:30 Thursday night after he left his home Wednesday and did not return. His family says Bob suffers from dementia.

Bob's wife of 26 years, Florence McIntosh, has been waiting for him to return home, as he is recovering in the hospital in L.A.

"We've had a wonderful marriage and he's a very kind person, very kind. He's very giving and I miss him a lot."

Florence McIntosh has been lost since her husband, Bob, a two-time Purple Heart veteran, has not been home.

"He's given so much to the country. I just can't believe he was so willing to give. He loves this country. He's proud of the flag, proud of the Marine Corps and Bob was a good marine," Florence said.

The American Flag, the first thing you see when you pull into the McIntoshs' home, as it matches the patriotic decor inside. Each red, white and blue collective reminds Florence of her husband.

"Everywhere I look, every room I see him," she said.

Police say Bob was found driving around L.A., more than 500 miles away from Redding, where he was reported missing.

"I couldn't believe he got that far away. I kept telling the sheriff that he was somewhere along or around here. I thought he'd stay right here where he knew the house was and things he was acquainted with. To go off all the way to LA, I just couldn't believe it," Florence explained Bob's dementia was noticeably worse the few days before he went missing.

A Marine veteran of World War II and the Korean War, Bob went on to serve as a peace officer at the Los Angeles Police Department for 22 years. His wife believes his connection LAPD had something to do with why he traveled there.

"I kind of think so because he worked in that area. I kind of think that's what he must have been doing, going back," Florence said.

Bob had gotten out of the car, fallen and hit his head when police say a stranger helped him, as he recognized him as the missing man.

Now that Bob has been found, his wife doesn't know how she will get him home, as she is legally blind and Bob is unable to drive home.

"He has no idea he's in LA. We can't talk to him yet. He can't hear because he doesn't have his hearing aids. God bless him, he's at their mercy to take care of him. I hope they're good to him. I don't know when I can get down there. I have to have somebody take me because I can't seem to take a plane or anything without help."

Bob will need to have surgery. However, his wife says she does not know whether it will be done in L.A. or at the Veteran's hospital in Sacramento, which is where she hopes they can relocate him.

Feeling helpless, she holds on to hers and his memories together.

"We had great times together. We love to hike and take our bike rides. We had a motor-home. We really enjoyed life and had a great, great marriage," Florence said.

Bob and Florence met in Shingletown through a neighbor.

They were married on July 4, 1992, their favorite holiday.

"We were married on July 4 because we decided that we were both to really independent people so we would get married on July 4," Florence said as much as her husband has faith in his country, she will keep faith in God to bring him home.

"God's going to help us. I'm sure. I'm sure. It's just going to take time," she said.

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