Winter weather safety tips when driving in the snow

    Winter weather can be beautiful but also dangerous if you're driving in the snow.

    Winter weather can be beautiful but also dangerous if you're driving in the snow.

    However, there are some tips you need to know if you're traveling up north in the snowy conditions.

    California Highway Patrol officer Jason Morton offered safety tips for those who are traveling. Morton said the first safety tip you should know is your traveling speed when driving.

    "When you're out here in the snow or rain, ice, fog, our number one thing is we need you to slow down. You know you can't travel 65, 55 miles per hour, whatever the maximum speed limit is," said Morton.

    Depending on how much snow is on the roadway, according to Officer Morton traveling 40 to 45 miles per hour is a safe speed and if your vehicle starts to slide, don't step on the brakes.

    "[Let's] say we're going at a good rate of speed and all of a sudden you're kind of right on top [of the snow.] You don't want to brake like this when you hit the brakes. The tires now they've completely locked up and we just begin to slide and start pushing," said Morton.

    He mentioned other tips when traveling in the now, for example, he said there are items people should bring in case of an emergency.

    "Some of the stuff you should have is definitely a full tank of gas number one. Number 2, bring your phone, bring your cell phone. Activate the GPS portion too where if you do get off the beaten path, our air ops our Northern Division Operations does a lot of rescues up here," said Morton.

    Morton said to make sure one have a shovel, tire chains, flares and lastly to stay on the main road.

    "Stay on the main well-traveled roadway even if there is an accident. We'll clear it. We'll get you through. If you come upon the snow plows, let the snow plows work. Don't try to pass the snow plows. They've got blades that are sticking out way on their side of their vehicle," said Morton.

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