Family continues searching for missing Fall River Mills woman, thanks law enforcement

Teams search for missing Fall River Mills woman

After the family dog returned home, the Shasta County Sheriff's Office has found no new evidence of the missing Fall River Mills woman's whereabouts. After almost a week combing through miles of rough terrain, the search for Lauralyn Palmer was suspended.

"Finding the dog had returned was a good sign, a positive out of this whole situation, but still we need to bring some closure one way or another for the Palmer family and that's what we're trying to do. We hope we can bring it to a successful resolution, that's our ultimate goal," said Shasta County Sheriff's Lieutenant Anthony Bertain.

According to officials, 71-year-old Lauralyn "Lyn" Palmer, took a family dog on a walk in a wooded area southeast of her home, which is in the 23000 block of Cassel Fall River Road, around 4:30 p.m. Friday.

Lieutenant Bertain said a sign of hope came Tuesday when the family dog returned, but so far that has been the only sign of Lyn.

"The dog did go back out there today [Wednesday] in an attempt to see if we could follow the dog back where it came from but that was unsuccessful," Lt. Bertain said as the family dog, Lucy, was sent back into the woods to see if she would lead searchers back to Lyn.

45 search members from multiple Northstate counties and agencies were split up into teams and searched an expanded perimeter near the Palmer's home as well as any abandoned mobile homes in the area, lava rock crevices and caves.

People close to the Shasta County woman, along with her husband, say they noticed Lyn was exhibiting early signs of dementia but they are still very hopeful she will be home soon.

Lyn's brother-in-law is the fire chief at the Fall River Mills Fire Station. The command post has been located there and he wanted to thank law enforcement and the community for their efforts in searching for Lyn. He adds, the sheriff's office has done everything possible. In the mean time, Lyn's family will continue to search.

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office urges anyone with suggestions or information about the whereabouts of Lauralyn Palmer to please call them.

Palmer is 5-foot-2-inches tall, about 140 pounds with gray hair and wears glasses.

Calls can be placed 24-hours a day at 530-245-6540.

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