Woman hunts down stolen wallet through bank app

A Redding woman's success story is gaining attention on social media after she took matters into her own hands when her wallet was stolen.

The video posted on social media shows a woman being followed out of Walmart accused of holding someone else's wallet.

The woman behind the camera is shouting, "RPD is on their way. She's already stolen from Kohl's too"

The woman in the video responds saying, "Move, it's not stolen. stop."

It all started at Chuck E Cheese's in Redding. Leasha Sanders was celebrating her niece's third birthday when she noticed her wallet had gone missing. She says about 15 minutes later, she saw a transaction coming from Kohl's on her banking app.

"Every time she made a transaction it would notify me," Sanders said.

The app on her phone became a map of where the suspect was going. Sanders said her friend convinced them to follow the path.

"If it weren't for her, I would have been sulking in Chuck E Cheese's freaking out over my wallet and she was like no, let's go now so I was like okay, I guess we're going on a mission," Sanders said.

When they got to Kohl's, the suspect had already left. Then, another transaction came onto Sander's phone of a transaction at Walmart.

Sanders, her sister, and her friend followed the path to Walmart. They said to stay safe, they alerted the manager when they saw a woman in a large hat they recognized seeing at Chuck E Cheese's earlier in the evening.

"Once I said that's my wallet with my keys [the manager] went up to her and he was like 'We can't sell this to you, you're not purchasing it with your own money.' And, then she proceeded to tell him that she was getting her finances in order," Sanders said.

It was then that the group began recording. The suspect left Walmart while on camera and holding Sanders' wallet. Sanders said she grabbed the wallet but ultimately the suspect got away before police arrived.

The suspect is believed to have gotten away with several hundred dollars worth of merchandise. RPD officials say they plan to follow up on the case.

"I honestly went home and I laughed about it," said Sanders. "I was like, did this really just happen?

While Sanders can laugh about it now, she said she's only laughing because she got her wallet back safely. She does not suggest anyone put themselves in harms way for a material item.

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