911 records show neighborhood feud between mass shooter and his victims


RANCHO TEHAMA, Calif. - 911 records released by the Tehama County Sheriff's Office paints a picture of an ongoing feud between Kevin Neal's household and those of his neighbors.

Sheriff's deputies responded 21 times in the last year to calls involving a California man who had been feuding with his neighbors before he committed a shooting rampage last week, killing five people and wounding at least eight others.

According to the incident reports, Barbara Glisan, Neal's wife, had called law enforcement at least nine times in the past year. Most of her calls were in regards to harassment from neighbors, the same ones who would become victims of Neal's shooting rampage.

Neal's neighbors, including two of the people killed in the shooting rampage, had called the sheriff's department at least six times to report that Neal had been firing a gun, sometimes at their homes and cars.

The most recent calls made by Glisan state that neighbors were driving past their home and yelling at her and Neal. In one report, Gilsan reported that Danny Elliott slowly drove past the house and yelled "coward" at her. This was after Elliott had received a restraining order against Neal for a January incident.

Neal was on bail from an incident that took place in January

In the wake of the mass shootings, the focus has turned to the Sheriff's Office and District Attorney as to why Kevin Neal had firearms of any kind. In 9-1-1 calls, three months before the incident Diana Steele and Hailey Poland reported that Neal had fired guns on multiple occasions. Two of the calls had Poland and Steele telling dispatchers that the gunshots were directed at their home.

Neal was supposed to be prohibited from owning any firearms because restraining orders were taken out against him after an incident between him and both Steele and Poland in January of 2017.

On January 31, Neal was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, battery, negligent discharging of a firearm, and elder abuse. This case was still going through the justice system when Neal went on his rampage.

According to deputy reports, Neal called law enforcement around 4 p.m., claiming that Poland and Steele had thrown rat poison into his yard and when he confronted them that they tried to stab him. When deputies arrived they found Neal and Glisan sitting in their driveway. Neal told deputies that he was just attacked by Steele and Poland.

Neal reported to the deputy that Steele and Poland were walking near his home when he believes they threw a d-CON rat poison box into his backyard where his dogs tend to play. Neal said he then approached the pair and was yelling at them when he was attacked by Steele, who he claimed struck him in his face. Neal then said that Poland tried to stab him.

Steele and Poland told deputies a different story. They said that they were walking past the house when Neal started yelling at them. A short while later, they said Neal fired a gun through his fence in their general direction. Steele estimated the bullets passed approximately five to ten feet away from them. The pair told officials that Neal then jumped his fence and confronted them. It was during this interaction that Neal allegedly punched Poland. Steele then punched Neal in an attempted to get him off Poland. Neal responded by punching Steele several times in the nose, knocking her to the ground.

The pair tried to pull out a phone to record the incident, when Neal spotted the device he grabbed it from their hands. Neal gave the phone to his wife, Gilsan, who left, and then returned a minute later saying she had deleted the video. Neal kept both Poland and Steele while brandishing a knife.

Poland told officials that Neal stabbed her in the stomach during the conflict. If they tried to leave, Neal would grab their arms and push them back while he continued to hold the knife in his other hand. They were able to escape later when he was distracted talking to Glisan.

After speaking to Neal, Poland and Steele, deputies spoke to Glisan. Glisan told authorities that Neal had grabbed his AR-15 when he saw Poland and Steele walking past his property and fired five to six shots from the backyard. When Glisan left the home to see the commotion she saw Neal with a knife confronting the two ladies. Glisan confirmed that she did take the phone away from the pair, but didn't actually delete anything, just told Neal she had.

When she returned the phone to Neal he smashed it on a tree and then stabbed it. While he was distracted by the phone, the pair made their escape back to their own home. Glisan said she went inside and then called 911.

On the deputies request, Glisan recovered the AR-15 which was booked into evidence. Deputies noted that the gun did not have a bullet button and had a "high capacity magazine (30 rounds)."

Neal was arrested and a warrant was issued for Glisan who was charged with accessory and robbery. The District Attorney's office declined to file charges against Glisan. Neal was out on bail shortly after.

Three weeks later another 911 call appears in the records showing that Glisan called law enforcement to say that Neal had just received a restraining order and that she wanted to report that a firearm had gone missing.

Older incidents

911 and police records dating back to November of 2016 continue to shine a light on the feud in the neighborhood.

In December of 2016, Jessie Sanders and Danny Elliott were reported as throwing things into Neal's backyard. During the incident someone fired a gun, the report does not specify who or in what direction.

In November of 2016, Neal was arrested for hitting Danielle Daniel while she was on a walk near his home with Hailey Poland. The district attorney's office declined to charge Neal.

Almost a year to the day of the mass shooting, Steele called the police to report that Neal was shooting and yelling while on his property. Officers spoke to Neal who said he had been shooting in a safe manner. Neal told authorities that he would no longer shoot at night and would cut down on shooting in the daytime.

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