A lot buzz with the new developments coming to Red Bluff

Marshalls sign in Red Bluff

There has been a lot buzz with the new developments coming to Red Bluff. The construction on the former Walmart building in the Red Bluff Shopping Center is moving along as constructions crews are already at work.

"We have really exciting new developments happening in Tehama County. Probably the one that's going to be the most buzz right now is Ross Dress 4 Less," said Amanda Jenkins, the liaison for Tehama County Economic Development.

Jenkins said the building will be divided into seven suites. The first tenant being Ross Dress for Less, who is taking the front corner of the building.

As for the other tenants, Jenkins said they cannot confirm which tenants will be coming to store.

"They are working on a lease for the second tenant. We can't release that information right now. We do wait until we get the 'okay' from the property owner, the property management company, before we release that information," said Jenkins.

However, there are some indications of new stores moving in. The department store company, Marshalls has a banner that says coming soon near the construction site.

Jenkins said there are more than ten new businesses and developments headed to Red Bluff. Some opened a couple of months ago.

"We have, of course, Cornerstone Bank [that] just moved over to 500 Riverside Way. They have a huge beautiful building and some suites open next to them," said Jenkins.

As for all of the developments coming to Red Bluff, Jenkins explained what this means for the community.

"For Red Bluff, this means more jobs, this means more shopping opportunities, opportunities to eat out and socialize, network with other community members and just really meet people and have a good time," said Jenkins.

The deadline for completing construction is estimated to be done by mid-February 2019.

Ross Dress for Less plans to open a month later in mid-March.

In Red Bluff, one business changed what once was a golf course clubhouse to a clubhouse restaurant.

Sully's Golf Course restaurant at Oak Creek located on Montgomery Road was once the Oak Creek Golf clubhouse.

The American style restaurant that opened back in July is right next to the golf course where those enjoying golf can stop by to have a sit-down lunch.

Co-owner of Sully's James Harris said they're planning to build more onto the area.

"The barbecue area out here for the greens will be up and running for spring tournaments, golf tournaments. And then we'd like to do an event center, if we get the money, round it up for that out in the parking lot so you can have weddings," said Harris.

The restaurant is open to the public as well as the public oak golf course.

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