Alternative to Violence to Empower Tehama

The non-profit organization Alternative to Violence in Tehama County announced their new name as Empower Tehama

The non-profit organization, Alternative to Violence in Tehama County, announced their new name Thursday evening. The organization will now be called Empower Tehama.

An event was put on to celebrate the new name as many supporters of the organization came by to watch the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Executive Director of Empower Tehama said transitioning to the new name was a way to make a statement on the issue of domestic violence and other social issues in the community.

"In Tehama county, we have been the number five county for the highest number of domestic violence caused per 1,000 since the department of justice started tracking those numbers in 1998. For a small community like Tehama County that lives in a very pretty area with lots of outdoor beauty and what some people might think is a really healthy lifestyle to be number five out of 58 counties is a problem and we need social change now to address that," said Spurr.

The name Empower Tehama is more inclusive for the community, according to Spurr, and that the event to celebrate the name change was to bring attention to the work they are putting in.

"Primarily, one of the ways we've been most successful is our partnership in the community. Partnering with law enforcement, partnering with social services, child protective services with the hospital to create a sexual assault response team with community volunteers that how we're really able to start that social change," Spurr said.

Empower Tehama is also working with the homeless population who are more likely to be victimized and they're focusing on cases of child sex trafficking and child pornography.

"Which is really troubling for most of us is, and particularly those of us who are parents, is commercial sexual exploitation of children."

While the new name alone won't solve the problems and concerns the community and county faces, Spurr hopes it will help empower the community to offer more support.

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