Asbestos must be removed before demolition of Tehama library

Tehama County Library

The Tehama County Administrative Office is looking for bids from companies to remove asbestos from the former Tehama County Library building.

This marks the next step in plans to turn the space into a new jail facility in Red Bluff. The new building is expected to hold 64 beds for inmates nearing the end of their sentences.

Bill Goodwin, the Tehama County Chief Administrator, said the building won’t be finished for quite some time. Goodwin said the asbestos removal must be completed before the design plans can be finished and the demolition can get underway.

Even though the asbestos removal will require specialized services, Goodwin hopes to get more local companies involved in the process.

"By doing this now, then local people can bid to be the demo contractors because all the hazardous materials will be out of there and then we have a lot of local contractors who would qualify to do the demolition,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin said the asbestos remediation won’t begin until late August or early September and will cost an estimated $110,000. You can find a link to Tehama County's bidding process here.

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