Bikini Barrel Racing Draws A&E TV Crew


RED BLUFF, Calif. - The Red Bluff Round-Up's bikini barrel racing drew some quality competition and the attention of a film crew for the cable network A&E on Wednesday.

The crew is in town filming for the new reality show "Rodeo Girls" which chronicles the lives of women on the pro rodeo circuit.

There were at least 20 crew members in attendance Wednesday night--some in the main arena and some in the practice area.

While there was a men's competition earlier in the night, the film crew was out there for the women's event.

Steve Graham helps put the race on and says it's held more as a lighthearted event than anything else.

"It's the fun of it," Graham said, "and you have a lot of people that like to watch barrel racing and a lot of people just like to watch horse events."

About 20 women, mostly from all over California, participated in Wednesday's competition.

The ladies weren't riding for a championship belt but Graham says the main prize was a high-end saddle.

He says some of the women are professionals but "some do it as a hobby, some try to do it as a living, but basically they have fun with it."

Wednesday was the first day of rodeo competitions at the Red Bluff Round-Up with the final events held on Sunday.

A&E's crew will be out at the Tehama District Fairgrounds and around Red Bluff for the rest of the week.

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