Cats, kittens saved after being burned in Apple Fire

Photo courtesy of Deserving Pets Rescue

According to Deserving Pets Rescue, several cats and kittens were rescued after the Apple Fire swept through parts of Tehama County over the weekend.

In a Facebook post Sunday, Deserving Pets Rescue said the cats and kittens were found in the aftermath of the fire and were brought in for medical care by the Sheriff's Department.

The two mom cats and five kittens were examined by a vet, received fluids, baths, antibiotics, and pain medication.

Staff with Deserving Pets Rescue said the cats had burned paws, singed hair and whiskers, inflamed eyes, and possible smoke inhalation.

The cats have been placed with a volunteer for fostering and follow-up care.

Deserving Pets Rescue said they are taking donations to help care for these cats.

To donate, click here.

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