Corning High School "Cardettes" perform at Citrus Bowl


    On New Year's Day, while the rest of the country promising themselves they would be more productive and healthier in 2019, three Sophomore girls from Corning High School were performing in front of tens of thousands of people at The Citrus Bowl in Florida, showing off their dance skills and making life long memories.

    "It was so different from just like performing at home games and stuff," said Corning Cardette drill team member Laynee Cox.

    "I felt like knots in my stomach and I was like looking around at all the different people and it was really crazy. You wouldn't have expected high school girls were going out and doing this," said Corning Cardette drill team member Adisyn Mulliner.

    Laynee Cox, Adisyn Mulliner and Jordan Avila were the only three girls at Corning High School to be chosen by the Varsity team to perform with 800 other girls from around the country at The Citrus Bowl college football tournament on New Year's Day this year.

    "So we fund raised all of our money to do this. And our community helped out a lot and our families were like really involved and we were really dedicated to this," said Corning Cardette drill team member Jordan Avila.

    A feat they worked long and hard to pull off.

    "You have to be 100% committed to learning these routines and getting them down. And it's really difficult but if you, like if you really like doing this, then it won't bother you. You'll have fun doing it," Cox said.

    However, after two days of non-stop practice in Orlando, Florida with girls from high schools all over the country, their hard work paid off.

    "Definitely recommend it. It was really fun. So much fun," Mulliner, Cox and Avila said.

    Now that they are back, they want to thank the community for helping get them there.

    "Even the girls that didn't get to go in the first place that wanted to go helped a lot. So we are very grateful for those girls. And the community was a big help and all the people that donated to us. We're very grateful," Cox and Mulliner said.

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