Corning High school class digs up time capsule decades later


CORNING, Calif. - The Corning High School class of 1967, decided to dig up a time capsule they buried as students, for their class reunion.

Valanne Cardenas was a graduate of that class and on Friday she was reminiscent of years gone by and the person she was when the capsule was first buried.

"It is hard to believe it has been 50 years," said Cardenas.

The young girl who watched the time capsule get buried is now watching them dig it up as a woman. She watched as the class unearthed the time capsule, pulling out a yearbook, school newspapers, and a will to name a few.

As Cardenas turned the pages of the yearbook, she looked back at her life when she was a student.

"It was a wonderful experience for me," said Cardenas, "I am glad I grew up in Corning and had the opportunity to go to this wonderful school."

When she was a student, she had dreams of becoming either a teacher or a missionary. She ended up doing both and lived in many different places. But for Cardenas, there was no place like home and she moved back to Corning after 30 years.

"I love it (here)," said Cardenas," I love big cities, but not to retire," said Cardenas, "I am retired now."

As Cardenas looked through the items from the time capsule, she also looked back on the life she has lived these past 50 years and said it has been a life well lived.

"It has been a very good life," said Cardenas.

The class reunion attracted alumni from all around the country. Some of them had not seen each other for decades. The class decided to put more items in the time capsule and bury it, once more.

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