Corning murder victim described as valued community and educational figure


There are new developments in the first murder in Corning this year, revealing the inspiring role the victim played in Tehama County before her death.

Corning police have not yet released the name of the woman or her official cause of death.

But we spoke with Richard Duvarney, the Tehama County Superintendent of Schools with the Department of Education about one of his former employees and the woman believed to have been murdered in Corning earlier this week; Anjelika Deno.

He said before her untimely passing, she was an Administrator and Program Specialist for Special Education in Tehama County.

Duvarney explained, she spent most of her time at Gerber School helping teachers, faculty and students manage their Special Education needs.

He added she was also a mentor to new teachers.

"Anjelika was a great person. She reached a lot of people within our community. Within our county. And beyond our county really. She was a mentor to special education teachers and special education staff. She was really connected throughout our county so she made a big impact on the lives of many people," said Duvarney.

He went on to say the education department will miss her services and her as a person.

Records show she worked for the Tehama County Department of Education for four years, her absence being felt since Tuesday October 9.

Erik Deno, 32, was arrested and charged in the murder. Corning police intend to release more information about the investigation in the coming days, possibly as early as tomorrow. They've chosen to respect the wishes of her remaining family as long as possible.

The police chief said this is only the second murder in the City of Corning in the last decade.

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