Corning superintendent settles with school board, resigns


CORNING, Calif. - The superintendent of the Corning Union High School District, John Burch, resigned after he settled with the school board for alleged fraud.

In a meeting on October 11, the Corning Union High School Board approved a settlement agreement with Burch and accepted his resignation effective September 30, when he submitted it. The Board ratified its decision to appoint Jared Caylor as the interim superintendent effective August 9, 2017.

All votes on the matter were unanimous.

Community members in attendance of the board meeting disagreed with the decision and many thought that Burch should keep his job and that the allegations were false.

One audience member, Steve Kimbrough, thought that the school had overreacted and allowed the accusers to have too much control over the matter instead of the board itself.

Burch became the superintendent of the Corning school district in 2012.

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