Decontamination trailer stolen from St. Elizabeth Hospital found in Stockton

St. Elizabeth Trailer 1.jpg

A St. Elizabeth Hospital decontamination trailer, stolen during Thanksgiving break in 2017, has been found and is now being repaired after its special side panels were destroyed and it was filled with garbage.

The trailer contained $100,000 worth of specialized equipment, which was gone when the trailer was found. The equipment was purchased through grants that are no longer available.

"We don't have a funding source for this. I have no budget for this," said St. Elizabeth's Community Hospital Emergency Management Coordinator, Ruth Ann Rowen.

Rowen said a fundraising campaign will be started to replace the stolen equipment, including a special $30,000 shower. In the meantime, a decontamination shower unit has been borrowed from a hospital in San Andres for up to 6 months while money is collected for replacement equipment.

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