Domestic violence center working with law enforcement in Tehama Co.


RED BLUFF, Calif. - A Red Bluff clinic said the Rancho Tehama Mass Shooting stemmed from a domestic violence incident and that they are actively working with law enforcement to prevent other cases from turning into tragedies.

Executive Director Jeannie Spurr, at Alternative to Violence, has dealt with many cases of domestic violence, including counseling the abusers themselves. She said the Rancho Tehama mass shooting was not random. There was something that triggered it.

"This is collateral damage from a domestic violence incident," Spurr said.

Along with law enforcement, Spurr said she believes the murder of Kevin Neal's wife sparked his rampage through Rancho Tehama Tuesday, November 14.

A statement from Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston of the Tehama County Sheriff's Office stated the Sheriff's Office located the wife's dead body concealed under the floor of Neal's residence.

"She was an obvious victim of several gunshot wounds. We believe that's probably what started this whole event," Johnston said. Spurr's reaction to this is that Neal's actions that day are typical behavior of a domestic violence perpetrator.

"Unfortunately, our community is very aware of this. In just the last, less than three years, we've had 15 deaths due to domestic violence. In a community our size, that's hard to believe," Spurr said.

According to twenty years of research by the criminal records department, Alternative to Violence says Tehama County has the highest statistics for domestic violence in the entire state of California. In that time period, twelve children were reported to be orphaned as a conclusion.

The center said it's up to each individual to stop this horrible trend of abuse.

"Say something, call the [domestic violence] hotline, call 9-1-1. If a victim of domestic violence could see that we believed them, that would make a difference," Spurr claimed.

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