Fifteen arrested in Red Bluff Walmart sting


    Red Bluff police worked together with the Red Bluff Walmart over the course of three days to find and arrest people stealing from the business as well as people who had outstanding warrants.

    Fifteen total arrests were made.

    Officers worked inside the store in plain clothes from December 13 through the 15. The arrests made are as follows:

    • Jeanne Lourette, 61, of Red Bluff
    • Rosalinda Castaneda, 27, of Red Bluff
    • Dustin Bass, 28, of Cottonwood
    • Cory Cox, 22, of Red Bluff
    • Kimberly Nix, 33, of Corning
    • James Barr, 28, of Red Bluff
    • Christina Hathorn, 36, of Red Bluff
    • Ashley Wells, 25, of Corning
    • Chad Morgan, 27, of Red Bluff
    • Franklin Gridley, 30, of Red Bluff
    • Alex Higgins, 26, of Red Bluff
    • Kyle Young, 33, of Redding
    • Jessica Powell, 30, of Corning
    • Wesley Reed, 37, of Red Bluff
    Brandon Salazar, 32, of Red Bluff was also arrested after agents from the Tehama Interagency Drug Enforcement taskforce identified him as a known drug dealer. He was arrested for possession of narcotics for sale.

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