Frequent opiate overdoses have Red Bluff police concerned

Four overdoses from opiates have occurred in Tehama County over the last two weeks, two of which the victims ended up dying.

Red Bluff police reported on Thursday that these alarming numbers could be related to an increased use of fentanyl, an extremely powerful opiate that drug dealers have been using to make heroin more potent.

Naloxone, also called Narcan, was used on the victim in three of the overdoses in question, and saved two of their lives.

“Four overdoses in a two-week period is an alarming rate,” said Red Bluff Police Chief Kyle Sanders. He added, “Our officers have done an outstanding job getting to these scenes quickly and putting their training into practice. It has resulted in two lives saved already.”

The Red Bluff Police Department originally received Narcan from Tehama County Public Heath who provided the life-saving drugs at no cost to the Police Department.

"Originally we wanted to have this medication on hand as a life-saving measure in the event an officer or other employee was accidentally exposed while handling certain opiate related drugs. Thankfully we haven’t had that need, but we have been able to save others," said Sanders.

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