Largest bull sale west of the Rockies kicks off at the Tehama District Fairgrounds

Tuesday started with the sifting and grading of bulls at the Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale, the largest bull sale west of the Rockies.

The annual bull sale draws ranchers from throughout the west to bid on quality stock at the Tehama District Fairgrounds in Red Bluff.

Out of the hundreds of consignors for bulls, geldings and stock dogs, there are hundreds to thousands of prospective buyers waiting to see the stock. People come from all over the western states; Washington, Oregon, Nevada and some local.

Carrie Morrell and her husband are consignors from Morrell's Ranch in Willows.

"We come to the Red Bluff Bull Sale because it is the most prestigious consignment sale on the West Coast. We can go back east and people have heard of the Red Bluff Bull Sale," Carrie Morrell said.

The Morrell's have had good luck at the Tehama District Fairgrounds throughout their family history of selling Herford cattle. However, Morrell says finishing with champion bulls and and being awarded consignor of the year twice before is not luck. It is hard work and the audience you put them in front of.

"Consignors come to Red Bluff where they can put their bulls in front of thousands and thousands of perspective buyers instead of trying to organize a sell individually," Adam Owens explained.

Owens is the Sale Manager at the Red Bluff Bull and Gelding sale. He says Red Bluff is known for bringing in some of the best pure-bred bulls.

Their offspring will be the beef consumers buy in stores.

The Morrell's are counting on the sifting and grading of their five halter bulls Wednesday. They say the last three years of drought in California have not been good for the beef market.

"It might be a little soft on Saturday just because of the market it's out there right now," Morrell said. "The price is just not conducive to people getting rid of their bulls to replace them but thank goodness we've had rain. Now we have feed started so I hope that's going to help the sale Saturday because it's been three tough years of drought and it's been tough."

The sale of all bulls is Saturday, January 26, starting at 9:30 a.m. located in the Don Smith Pavilion at the Tehama District Fairgrounds.

For a list of other events throughout the week, click here.

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