Man shot in Rancho Tehama rampage speaks out


CHICO, Calif. - Tuesday marks one week since Kevin Neal went on a shooting rampage in Rancho Tehama.

James Woods II was driving on Hillcrest Drive with his father when Kevin Neal bumped the back of their car, then came to the driver's side and shot him numerous times.

"I don't know why he did this, but I'm still here, so I'm just praying for the ones that are gone," said James Woods II from his Enloe Medical Center hospital bed.

Tuesday, he was only able to speak from a tube through his throat, and still, the first thing he said was how sorry he was for the other victims who didn't survive. It was a difficult recollection as he and his father, James Sr., detailed what happened one week ago.

"My dad said, 'are you okay, son?' I said 'no dad, I'm missing teeth and blood is leaking everywhere' and then I heard pop, pop, pop, pop, pop! And I said, 'Dad!' I thought he took my dad from me," James II explained.

James Sr. used the car as a shield and had dodged the second round of bullets, then realized his son had been not.

"I looked in the back seat and there he is laying there," James Sr. cried. "And my dad said 'you're gonna make it,' and I said probably not dad, but I love you," James II replied.

But he did. The two got the attention of a CHP officer who helped flag an ambulance, then James II was life-flighted to the hospital. He's had a rough few days but said the worst part was hearing what Kevin Neal did after shooting him.

"I would've gave my life for those kids," James II said.

He has a long way to recovery, but for now, both generations are thanking god that they have this second chance.

"I made it, thank Jesus. Gotta keep fighting," James II said. "Yeah, keep fighting son," James Sr. responded.

"It's hard, it's hard," James II responded. He's pushing through for his two little ones and sending prayers for those who weren't as lucky.

"I got support, I got my kids, you know? So I'm just worried about the people, the ones that didn't come home," James II said. "There's five people missing now."

The family has started a GoFundMe account to help with medical costs and travel to and from the hospital. If you would like to donate, click here.

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