Tehama Co. man thankful firefighters saved his home from the Apple Fire

After the Apple Fire swept through parts of Tehama County Saturday, homeowners are feeling thankful that their homes were saved but one man says he's devastated some of his neighbors weren't as lucky.

The Tehama County man, who asked to remain unidentified, said his home was hit with fire retardant Saturday afternoon as Cal Fire and other resources fought the Apple Fire.

The man said he and his neighbors were told to evacuate Saturday and when he returned Sunday to see what damage was done by the retardant, he was surprised to find Cal Fire had already taken care of cleaning it up.

He said he's grateful for the assistance and that his house it still standing but for his neighbors, he's heart broken.

"All her outbuilding, everything was gone. The place was burnt to the ground and her pets she loved.. She had like three or four cats, she had dogs, everything within the house. She was at work and she came home to that house burnt down. And then I saw her about a half an hour later when she was crying. She was hysterical. Talking to her, I was crying too. I lost it at that point, I started crying. It was so sad," said the man.

The man added he was planning on taking a nap when the fire broke out. He added had he not heard the plane flying over the area, he would have fallen asleep, not knowing what was happening outside.

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