Paradise hairdresser finds beauty beyond Paradise, opens new salon in Red Bluff

Jennifer Jurgenson, doing a new client's hair at her salon in Red Bluff.

Jennifer Jurgenson, the owner of Colours of Paradise Salon, lost everything she knew when the Camp Fire ripped through the Town of Paradise on November 8.

Jurgenson, a hairdresser for 13 years, went from 180 clients to eight.

After getting back on her feet, Jurgenson moved her family to Red Bluff to start over. Jurgenson, along with her husband and two sons moved into a new house and opened up a new salon, less than three months after the fire took everything they had.

"My father told me I could either give up and lay down and just let everything go or I could stand up, take a deep breathe, and keep fighting and move forward. That's what I did," Jurgenson said. "I had about 180 clients on a regular basis that I would do constantly and now I'm down to about eight."

Losing her business was one thing, but losing her clientele was what made everything even harder. Being in the salon industry for over a decade, Jurgenson was going to have to start over and rebuild not only her salon, but her regular customers.

"There's so many clients still that I haven't heard from and I don't know if they're okay or where they are now and I think about them on a regular basis," Jurgenson said.

What keeps Jurgenson going is the four hairdressers who rented booths from her at her old salon in Paradise. All of them, despite losing everything in the fire, decided to come with her to Red Bluff.

Her nail technician that worked at the salon in Paradise, is doing nails in Chico.

"I didn't want to work anywhere else and I didn't want to work with anyone else. I love the girls that I work with. Like Jen said, we're like a family," said Candace Hamilton, one of the hairdressers who rents a booth at the new salon in Red Bluff.

Hamilton has been with Jurgenson for years and she too, lost everything in the fire.

Hamilton and her family are living in a trailer in Durham; she commutes to Red Bluff several days a week to do hair.

"Knowing that I get to work with the same people that I worked with before is the most comforting thing about it," Hamilton said.

Colours of Paradise was the first and only place she has worked as a hairdresser since graduating from beauty school four years ago.

Hamilton spent years trying to build up a strong clientele and is now back to the beginning.

Jurgenson and Hamilton say that fortunately some of their clients from Paradise have followed them to Red Bluff. But they are excited and welcoming new clients with open arms in Red Bluff.

"Having them with me is what is making this doable. I couldn't do it without all of them," Jurgenson said about her team.

Jurgenson grew up in Paradise and says she loved the small hometown feel. When deciding where to open a new salon, she said that Red Bluff felt like the perfect fit, "When we had to move and move forward, we found Red Bluff and came to visit for the day. When we walked around it had that same feeling as Paradise."

After finding the perfect place, Jurgenson officially opened her new salon in Red Bluff on February 2, 2019.

Locals and new neighbors, Jurgenson says, have been helpful in getting her name out there and helping with various needs.

She says her long-term goal is to reopen in Paradise and continue her shop in Red Bluff as well. For now, she is adjusting to her new home and is excited to be a new member to the Red Bluff community.

"This town and this community honestly has been there for me. They're helping me and my girls move forward and helping us take the next step in life," Jurgenson said.

She says the best way to book an appointment with them is by visiting their Facebook page and calling the stylist's phone numbers that are listed.

The new salon is called Colours Studio Salon and it is located at 912 Walnut Street in Red Bluff.

They are finding comfort and life behind the chair in a new place outside of Paradise, California.

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