PRCA competitors in high spirits for 2018's Red Bluff Round-Up

Red Bluff Round-Up Team Roping

Rodeo competitors are kicking off the first slack events in high spirits at the 2018 PRCA Red Bluff Round-Up. Riders come from all over the country take to the arena in several events for a chance to win thousands of dollars in front of thousands of fans.

Team roper, Coleman Proctor from Pryor, OK, says rodeo competitions are all about chemistry. Proctor will compete in two to four rounds with teammate, Billie Jack Saebens of Nowata, OK.

"I've been fortunate enough to make it out here the last five or six years. It's definitely one of my favorite stops with the beautiful country sides. I'm a flat lander from Oklahoma so coming out here and getting to see a little bit of California and this valley is something that's kind of a once in a lifetime deal," Proctor illustrated.

Competitors are timed in seconds, as to how fast they can rope a steer. A five second penalty is assessed if the heeler, the cowboy who ropes the two back legs, catches just one leg.

"It is, it's extremely hard. You have really, really fresh cattle, which means they haven't roped a whole bunch. They're big and fresh and strong," C.R. Wilken of Paso Robles, CA, explained. Wilken competes with teammate, Cord Forzano from Madera, CA.

Nonetheless, the PRCA team ropers are resilient.

"Feels like you accomplished what you practiced for, feels like you're doing your job," Wilken said.

"It's definitely a team sport, requires a lot of chemistry. You have a lot of variables," Proctor furthered. "You have two people and you're trying to put everyone on the same page to catch one animal."

Each competing team with take to the arena two times. The top 24 ropers will advance to Friday and Saturday but only the top 12 will come back for Sunday's short and final round.

"80 teams are entered and they're paying six or eight moneys, ten moneys, so 70 broken hearts."

Red Bluff Round-Up slack competition results can be found here.

For a list of Red Bluff Round-Up events, click here.

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