Rancho Tehama School students given food for the holiday


RANCHO TEHAMA, Calif. - The students at Rancho Tehama Elementary School will be out of school for a total of two weeks because of the mass shooting and the holiday.

The director of Tehama County Social Services said she found research indicating that 90 percent of the students in the school qualify for free lunches. With all the time off, this makes feeding these children difficult.

Tehama County Social Services and Community Action gathered food for the students of Rancho Tehama Elementary and their families. Over 100 bags stuffed with food was collected as well as a turkey for Thanksgiving. They were handed out to the families at the Rec Hall in Rancho Tehama.

Gary Fortenberry is a therapist helping the community heal from last Tuesday's shooting. He said the community getting together and interacting with each other is a key component in the healing process.

"Any kind of community connection is good," Fortenberry said. "You see the kids hugging each other and it would be very difficult if they didn't show up again to school until Monday after. This is really positive that they can see each other and their teachers have been up here at different times so they can reconnect. The teachers as well as the kids as well as all the families. It's really healing to interact with each other."

Donations for the students, specifically stuffed animals, are also being collected at the Red Bluff Vineyard Church.

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