Rancho Tehama shooter was in possession of multiple guns


RANCHO TEHAMA, Calif. - Victims of the Rancho Tehama shooting are questioning the Tehama County Sheriff's Office choice in not investigating complaints made about Kevin Neal before the incident.

Just one night before the mass shooting in Rancho Tehama neighbors say Neal was shooting off multiple gun rounds in the middle of the night. Neighbors say they voiced their concerns about Neal's reckless behavior and now the question is, "Why wasn't something done about this?"

Neal's neighbors had a restraining order against him, prohibiting Neal to possess a firearm, however, they say he fired them regularly.

The Tehama County Sheriff's Office has not released any new details pertaining to their investigation into Neal's apprehension.

Sergeant Kevin Busekist with the Redding Police Department, who stressed it is not Redding's investigation, explained what Neal's restraining order was supposed to keep him from having a gun.

"People that have certain harassment restraining orders and also domestic violence restraining orders cannot possess firearms," Busekist said.

Neil would have likely have been charged with an additional felony count in violating his restraining order by being in possession of a firearm. It is a crime to purchase, receive, own, or possess a firearm within ten years of certain misdemeanor convictions. Neal was arraigned on six felony counts. Under California penal code 29805 this is a "wobbler" offense. A "wobbler" offense can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, pending the judge's discretion.

"You take the domestic violence or restraining order where they're prohibited from owning firearms," Busekist said, "They have the opportunity to sell the firearms to a licensed dealer or bring the firearms into a police department for safekeeping."

The Tehama County Sheriff's Office has defended their response to complaints from Neal's neighbors saying a deputy went to his home on Bobcat Lane multiple times and even put the home under surveillance. They said Neal would not respond to deputies when they checked the home and appeared to have left.

Neal was shot and killed by deputies last week after killing five others.

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