RBPD: Red Bluff woman facing charges after making false rape accusations


    An 18-year-old Red Bluff woman is facing charges after making false rape allegations against three men according to the Red Bluff Police Department.

    The woman in question arrived at the Red Bluff Path Shelter around 8:00 p.m. on December 4 and reported to a staff member that she had been sexually assaulted by multiple men.

    The staff member took the woman to St. Elizabeth Hospital where she was met by Red Bluff police and a detective who began to investigate her story.

    The woman told Red Bluff police she had been kidnapped at knife-point and gang-raped by three men who held her against her will. The woman's injuries were consistent with her story according to the sexual assault exam performed at the hospital.

    Red Bluff police reportedly worked all night to identify the suspects and by 11:00 a.m. they had arrested all three men. The men told a much different story, according to Red Bluff police.

    The men stated that the sex was voluntary and after being confronted by police, the woman admitted to having fabricated the rape allegations.

    All three men were released, with the exception of one who was never booked because he was never positively identified by the woman. His story lined up with the others and Red Bluff police say it was convincing and consistent with their findings.

    The woman now faces charges of falsifying a police report.

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