Red Bluff High gets new artificial turf field

Red Bluff High School's field was ripped up on Wednesday to make way for new artificial turf.

After much debate, the Red Bluff High School football field is getting new artificial turf.

Construction began Tuesday with workers ripping up the old turf that kept the football team from having any home games last season.

The project is being done with money from money the district received from Measure J, passed by taxpayers in 2016.

An inspection in 2016 revealed undulations because of the lack of drainage on the field. Repairs were done to level out the field. After the next inspection, it was decided the damages were too extensive to be repaired and all Red Bluff's home games were canceled.

"We had two companies come out and one suggested they do a blackout, which was just deposited a whole bunch of infill," Superintendent Todd Brose said in August. "The second company came out and his recommendation was to shut the field down, that there's not enough turf to actually fill the black crumbles to make it the proper cushion."

Once a contractor was chosen, with debate from some members of the bond's Board of Advisers, the company began ripping up the turf on Tuesday.

"We are actually going to keep a little bit of it," Brose said. "We are going to turf our batting cages and some areas around that we can turf but the majority of it is going to be given to private people or field turf is going to haul it off."

Now that the old turf is gone, some are surprised by what was revealed underneath.

"It's interesting I had five senior players who were watching the removal of the track, and of course they are not playing next year, but their comment was 'we actually played on that?' because they saw the gravel and they were realizing 'wow that's a hard surface'" said Brose. "This new field will have a padding underneath that will channel off water and also guarantee a passing of a compression test for the next 25 years."

The field had issues with drainage because it sits downhill from the school.

"We are actually going to be adding some drains up top of the stands so we can collect the water before it gets down to the field," Brose said.

They hope to be finished in time for the seniors to graduate on the field.

"We've talked to some of the juniors and they are excited they just want to be playing football [at] home, you know at home."

Brose said the project did come in under budget. They are moving the field slightly so there is an option to add a track one day. For now, he says they will focus first on the educational building upgrades.

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