Red Bluff Union High School gets big upgrades with district funding

Red Bluff Union High School is getting some big upgrades thanks to Measure J funding the district received in November 2016.

$26 million, that's how much the Red Bluff Joint Union High School District received in late 2016. Now, the first of their construction projects is set to be finished this week.

Now, a year and a half later, Superintendent Todd Brose says the money is being used to update the school's aging facilities, starting with the stadium field.

"In fall of last year our stadium field was deemed unsafe due to the failed compression test. So, part of the Measure J projects allowed us to replace the synthetic turf," said Brose.

Brose said the field is scheduled to be completed Wednesday afternoon, just in time for Thursday night's graduation.

But that's not the only project they have in the works.

In addition to getting new field turf, Brose said the school is also getting a new cafeteria and new science classrooms to better help the students.

The new science building will have six classrooms and a meeting room for teachers.

However, after construction started, several tanks were discovered hidden underground, delaying construction.

"We did have some petroleum based fluids in those tanks. The tanks did leak. However, over time it has degraded and the levels aren't too bad. So, we were able to excavate the dirt, remove the dirt, and then infill," said Brose.

Brose said, despite the set-back, the school expects to finish the cafeteria and science building project in March of 2019.

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