Several guests report fraud after stay at Red Bluff hotel


RED BLUFF, Calif. - A group staying at the Comfort Inn in Red Bluff for a conference discovered several of them had fraudulent charges on their bank accounts.

On the weekend of December 8, 2017, people from across the west gathered in Red Bluff for a rabbit conference. Members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, ARBA, breed and show rabbits.

They call themselves a close community. They keep in touch through a Facebook group. So, when Kristine Parker posted on the page that she saw strange charges on her account, around 20 others said that they had, too. That's when they discovered the connection they all had was the Comfort Inn.

The charges they were seeing were coming from all over the country. 

"I noticed all these charges in North Carolina, Virginia, all over the place for different amounts," Parker said. "They started small, then they started to get larger and I made a post saying what happened to me and immediately people started messaging me saying 'me too', 'me too'."

In just a short time, they had lost several hundred dollars. The victims say they tried calling the hotel several times and the general manager is always busy or not there.

"I've called the hotel no less than 10 times and the manager refuses to call us back," said Elaine Spotswood, another victim of the fraud. "Corporate says there's nothing they can do."

Eighty seven percent of the hotel's reviews on Trip Advisor rated it "excellent" and "very good". There's only one comment of fraud and it's from the same weekend in December.

Parker said people were coming forward on the Facebook page admitting it happened to them during a conference at the same hotel a year ago. They say nothing came out of it.

The Red Bluff Police Department has received 10 reports of fraud from the weekend of December 8. The officer investigating it said he can't release any information until it is further investigated.

A message was left by the KRCR News Team to the general manager of the Comfort Inn. He has not yet responded.

KRCR will continue to follow this story. 

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