Spectators marvel at flooded RV park


CORNING, Calif. - Water levels in Tehama County caused for several roads and RV parks to flood Saturday. Although South Avenue was closed to traffic starting at the Woodson Bridge in Corning, spectators weren't discouraged from crossing it to snap a few photos.

On the other side of the bridge, the Woodson RV Park was severely flooding. Its picnic tables and parking signs were almost completely underwater due to recent storms and controlled releases from the Shasta Dam.

Consequently, Sacramento river levels downstream have increasing higher and higher, threatening homes.

Some people referred to the flooding a blessing.

"I've lived here for awhile now and I've never seen it this high. It's really great for California," John Bolles said. He's lived in Corning for almost ten years.

However, some others weren't so enthused. Corning's Mayor Douglas Hatley enjoyed a stroll with his wife along the bridge. He said the floods are unfortunate for a lot of people.

"I hate seeing it this way" Mayor Hatley said.

The Woodson RV Park was evacuated Saturday morning due to the rising river levels.

"Usually, underneath this bridge over here you can drive. It's all underwater," Bolles said. "I've never seen it like that, it's unbelievable."

One Corning resident who's lived in the city more than 60 years said it is the worst flooding she's seen since the 1980's.

Some drivers heading east on South Avenue towards Highway 99 and West into Corning didn't yield "closed road" signs.

However, officials are urging drivers not to advance beyond such warning signs as it is a serious safety hazard.

Ten-year-old Aidyn Sparks said his advice to people who live near the river is to move.

"Somewhere way higher, like way above this bridge," Sparks said, laughing.

For more information on open evacuation centers in the Northstate, click here.

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