Staff stressing Vista Prep is safe for students; No creditable threat found

Vista Preparatory Academy

Vista Preparatory Academy in Red Bluff was on high alert Monday after the threat of a school shooting hit social media over the weekend.

Red Bluff Union Elementary School District Superintendent Cliff Curry said they were made aware of the situation on Sunday and knew by then that measures were already in place to keep students safe.

"We understand people are afraid. We want to address those fears and assure them that they are safe on our campus," said Curry.

During the day, faculty were calling absent students to check in on them. While Curry said he didn't have an official number he expected some of those students did not show up for class because of the threat.

Corporal Stephen Harper with the Red Bluff Police Department said after the initial investigation they determined who posted the threat on Instagram. He added, "There was no real creditable threat to the school."

Because the story spread quickly on social media the principal of Vista Preparatory Academy and Curry sent a message to parents reassuring them that everything would be fine Monday morning.

"Well it's always important to determine what the facts are. One of the problems that we see with social media messaging is that there is often a lot of speculation and a lot of misinformation," said Curry.

He added that the community is more aware of these types of threats because of the recent mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. Curry said not every threat can be prevented but this case was proof that the current precautions are working.

"We are confident with our partnership with the police that the threat for our schools and our district is minimal at this point," said Curry.

Harper said the 13-year-old student who allegedly made the threat was facing a criminal threat charge and filing a false police report. They determined he did not have access to any weapons and released him to the custody of his parents.

Curry said on top of those charges the district is also looking into possible disciplinary actions as well.

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