TCSO: Mother, daughter attacked by boyfriend


The Tehama County Sheriff's Office responded to a domestic disturbance Wednesday evening that put one woman in the hospital.

At approximately 8:25 PM on February 28, deputies were called to the 16000 block of Elder Creek Circle in Rancho Tehama Reserve.

According to officials, when deputies arrived they spoke to a woman who told them that her mother’s boyfriend had strangled her and while being strangled, she lost consciousness.

The woman also told deputies that the suspect struck her mother in the eye. Deputies spoke to the suspect, who identified himself as Marcellino.

Marcellino told deputies he was in a physical fight with both the daughter and the mother who he scratched on the face. Marcellino also told deputies that during the fight he threw a pack of cigarettes at the mother, striking her in the eye.

Both women were checked by paramedics and the daughter was taken to St. Elizabeth’s Community Hospital for treatment.

Marcellino was taken to the Tehama County Jail and booked. Due to concerns for the safety of the victims, deputies requested the bail be increased from $100,000 to $1,000,000.

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