Tehama County Beef Ambassador wins at the state level


RED BLUFF, Calif. - A junior beef ambassador for three years, Emyli Palmer was ready for the next level of representing the cattle industry. At a recent competition in Bakersfield, she finally earned the status of Beef Ambassador, representing a portion of northern California.

Palmer, 16, is a junior at Red Bluff High School. Her duties as ambassador include speaking to schools, clubs and other organizations about the cattle industry.

She will also represent the local cattle industry at farm events around the state. As one of the state ambassadors, she is the representative for 12 counties in the Northstate.

Palmer has been passionate about the industry since her first experience with cattle at age 9.

Although she stays busy as a beef ambassador, she still finds time to raise and show her own cattle. She's the first person in her family to do it and said it's fun to watch them grow each day.

Palmer said her favorite part of being an ambassador is speaking to children. She described how their faces light up when she explains all the things cows contribute to. She said most people don't know.

"A large portion of cattle are used for beef byproducts, so that goes into makeup and travel such as air travel and biodiesel," Palmer said. "They also go into medicines and stuff like that so everyday things that we use. You can look almost anywhere and find some sort of a beef byproduct in it and it's really fun to tell people about that."

She said her main goal is to tell the story of the typical rancher. She thinks it's often misunderstood.

You can find Palmer this weekend showing her steer at a show in Yreka.

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