Victim of high-risk sex offender shares story in hopes of raising awareness


GERBER, Calif. - One of the victims of a high-risk sex offender in Tehama County shared her story of being assaulted by 34-year-old Daniel McRoberts.

McRoberts had been convicted of kidnapping, indecent exposure and lewd acts with a child. He's in a home on Minch Road in Red Bluff.

Police are worried he will re-offend. His release has strict terms, including consistent supervision and staying away from schools and other places where children gather.

When Kelsey Dean found out McRoberts had returned to Tehama County, she felt strongly about sharing her traumatic experience, in hopes of helping others.

Thirteen years ago, 11-year-old Kelsey Dean met Daniel McRoberts in front of her home.

"I had gotten off the school bus coming home from school," Dean said. "I think I was 11. Every day I got off the bus and the gate was closed, and I would walk down the driveway and go home."

That day, she noticed a silver car pull up to the gate that looked like her mother's.

"I realized that it wasn't, but I was a friendly little girl and he was waving to me, and he got out and he asked for directions to Red Bluff," Dean said.

Dean remembers McRoberts acting like he was confused, and wrote down the directions for him.

"He kept trying to talk to me and said he wanted a souvenir from his time here or something, and I offered him fruit off the tree, because what else would I give him? And he wanted to buy my panties. That's what he wanted as his souvenir," McRoberts said.

That's when Dean asked him to leave, but he didn't.

"I remember handing him something or he was trying to hand me something. I reached my right arm out and he came across with his other arm and he had a hold on me, and I went back and I remember putting my foot up against him and I just backed all the way to the bushes," Dean said.

Dean said afterwards, she ran home and called her mom.

She had to face McRoberts in court shortly after, where she said there were four other victims.

When she found out he was back in Tehama County, she was angry and upset.

"When I saw his face, I just think of other little girls. And if they see that face, that they need to know that they're not safe, because I didn't know. And thank God I was raised in a situation where I felt like I could pull away and say no and leave me alone," Dean said.

To this day, thinking back to that day still brings tears to her eyes.

"He was going to take me, and maybe I didn't understand it then, but I mean, my best friend has little kids, and I couldn't imagine what could've happened to me," Dean said.

McRoberts now lives just a mile and a half away from Red Bluff High School.

"Justice is not served for our community and for anybody's community that's going to have this person," Dean said.

She hasn't fully processed everything that's happened, and hopes this will bring awareness to parents and kids in the area so they don't have to go through what she did.

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