Tehama County Sheriff's step-by-step account of mass shooting


RED BLUFF, Calif. - Tehama County Sheriff Dave Hencratt was not the face of the sheriff's department during November's mass shooting in Rancho Tehama that brought in press from all over the country. The Assistant Sheriff spoke to the press during the chaos. Finally, on Thursday the sheriff spoke about what happened that awful day.

During a workshop that taught Tehama County business owners how to prepare and prevent crime and shootings, the Sheriff gave a detailed timeline of events from the Rancho Tehama shootings.

KRCR put together his timeline along with witness accounts that we have gathered along the way into the video above.

Many have questioned why the sheriff's department didn't stop him before it happened. Several neighbors claimed they called officials about the shooter, Kevin Jansen Neal, shooting guns in his yard. Neal was prohibited from having guns based on the rules of a restraining order.

Sheriff Hencratt explained that calls and complaints aren't enough probable cause to enter his home.

"Well, it's just like any typical shots fired call that we get often," said Sheriff Hencratt. "Just because you are firing a gun doesn't mean it's illegal to do so. Not always are people precluded from firing guns or possessing guns and also, we have to have probable cause and reason of suspicion or a court order to enter people's homes or consent to enter people's homes to search for weapons or any other contraband or illegal items."

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