Watch: Two teams set rivalry aside to bring joy to student


A video has been making the rounds locally showing two teams setting their rivalry aside to help bring joy to a student after all his hard work throughout the season.

Tuesday night, Enterprise High School was playing at Red Bluff and with the game decided, there were just a few minutes left in play.

That's when number 44, Jason Leon, a special needs student at Red Bluff High School, was given a uniform and put in the game.

Michelle Nystrom quickly realized what was going on and started shooting video.

Enterprise was in on the plan and after Jason missed a couple shots, we was "fouled".

After being sent to the free throw line, it was nothing but net!

The gym erupted and the Enterprise Hornets joined the Red Bluff Spartans in congratulating Jason.

Jason's family said they would like to thank Head Coach Kenny Armstrong and all the players from both teams for making it happen.

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