Arcata couple terrified after man kicks in front door to their home Monday night

A man was arrested in Arcata around 12:30 a.m. Monday after breaking down the front door of a home on Wisteria Way, according to the Arcata Police Dept.

Husband and wife Zoraida and Jim Oullette own and live in the home where it happened, and called the incident in to police. Zoraida says if it wasn't for her husband owning a gun, it could have been much worse.

"In the back of your mind, you don't think you would ever have to use it but, you hear stories of people breaking into your house and they find the people gone," Jim said, describing the events of that morning.

Jim says he held the suspected intruder at gunpoint until police arrived.

"It all started when I looked out the window and there was somebody on their knees screaming at the end of the court," Jim said. "He went over to my neighbor's truck and started shaking it, then he made his way over to ours and started banging on it. I thought it was someone trying to break in."

The man outside made his way to the Oullettes's front door and started hitting and kicking it, according to Jim.

"He came to our front door and he started yelling 'please, please open your door!' I said, 'Go away,'" Jim said. "When he was banging on the front door, I went to the back, in the bedroom where I have my pistol locked up and I grabbed my gun."

Zoraida had already called police when she says the man kicked the front door down.

"I was out of my mind, I was so scared," Zoraida said. "We just had our grandchildren here the night before."

"You could see the door buckling, then everything, the wood and everything just flew out," Jim said. "He just stood there, and so I just held my gun and waited for the police to get there."

According to Arcata police chief Brian Ahearn, the suspect was arrested and taken to a hospital where he was treated for cold exposure. Chief Ahearn suspects the man was trying to find a place to get warm.

"When we got there, the homeowner was pointing a gun at this person who basically broke into their home," Chief Ahearn said. "The subject was transported to the hospital where it was determined that he was suffering from some type of hypothermia."

Because of prior convictions, Ahearn says the suspect was taken to jail.

According to her husband, Zoradia offered the suspect a coat during the ordeal.

"During all of this, Zoraida offers him a coat," Jim said.

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