Cannabis farmers file lawsuit against Humboldt County after changes to Measure S

Attorney Eugene C. Denson is the leading counselor in a lawsuit against Humboldt County, filed Monday morning after changes were made to Measure S that he says is "illegal."

Karen and Dennis Silva are two plaintiffs in the case. They said they own land that will be taxed extra due to the changes in Measure S, causing them to pay the state $40,000.

"Down the road, it turns out that they've started to change things without anybody noticing," Karen Silva said. "I actually did not know that I would be getting the tax because we hadn't even cultivated anything yet."

The family lives in Bridgeville and are frustrated with having to pay the extra taxes. They never knew the changes were made to the measure.

"They're still questioning the amount of land that we have," Karen Silva said. "So, why should we have had to pay the taxes when they were still doubting how much land we had?"

In order to pass any changes in a measure, a vote must be made: a vote that Denson says was never made.

"When the board got done, the cultivators weren't the ones that were going to have to pay, it was the property owners who took the tax," Denson said.

The Silvas have already paid the $40,000, but they plan on going forward with the court case in order to try to get the money back.

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