Chipotle Mexican Grill drive-thru proposed as part of Eureka redevelopment project


    The Eureka director of public works announced during a city council meeting Tuesday that a Chipotle Mexican Grill drive-thru is confirmed as part of a project that would bring an In N Out Burger to the city.

    During the meeting, Director of Public Works Brian Gerving said the proposed project at the corner of Broadway and Vigo Streets would consist of an In N Out Burger and a four-tenant building behind it. He said Chipotle is confirmed as one of those tenants, and the other three are "still in the works."

    On Tuesday, the council heard cost analysis from Gerving, specifically regarding a traffic light he says needs to be installed at the intersection. According to Gerving, existing traffic problems on Broadway Street necessitate a signal there.

    He said the public works department estimated the cost of the traffic light as $450,000 on the very high end.

    "We fully expect and hope it will come in significantly lower than that," Gerving said.

    Gerving also estimated the expected project to bring in $60,000 extra revenue per year for the city, meaning the payback period would be around eight years.

    "It's been a long-term priority of the council to see development along Broadway," Gerving said. "This site in particular has been a real center of blight along that corridor. This is an opportunity to help Broadway and provide the catalyst to see the site redeveloped."

    Gerving says without the signal, it could take 13 minutes to make a left on Vigo Street.

    The City Council ultimately decided Tuesday to go forward by scheduling a special meeting to discuss possibilities for negotiating price and cost sharing. The special meeting was scheduled for Nov. 14 at 5 p.m.

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