City of Eureka drawing up plans to allow cannabis consumption sites

The Eureka City Council discussed legislation at their meeting Tuesday night that would allow cannabis consumption sites to be implemented.

As part of California's Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, local jurisdictions may authorize the on-site consumption of cannabis by state-licensed retailers. The practice is being touted for its attraction to tourism as cities throughout the state jump on board.

"Just recently the state has started to allow on-site cannabis consumption, meaning you can go to a facility, buy cannabis and consume it in the facility," Eureka Development Services Director Rob Holmlund told North Coast News.

Five cities in California currently house cannabis lounges: West Hollywood, San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda and Palm Springs. The list is longer for those working toward cannabis consumption regulationsthat list includes Eureka.

Holmlund says he thinks the changes could take smokers off the streets and bring in more retail sales, especially from tourists.

Eureka businesses will be able to apply to be consumption sites in early 2019, if all continues as planned.

Holmlund said businesses could start to apply in early 2019 so it could be another six months after that before one is operational, but the city could see functional cannabis consumption sites as soon as next summer.

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