City of Eureka puts Squires property on notice to be vacated


On Friday, Jan. 12, Eureka City staff posted a notice on a property owned by Floyd Squires located at 833 H Street in Eureka, according to the city manager's office. The notice said that the property was to be vacated and boarded against entry on Jan. 22, pursuant to a warrant issued by the Superior Court.

City officials said the action comes after repeated notifications to the owners and Jeff Smith, the court appointed receiver, of their obligation to address the extremely hazardous electrical and other violations at the property. Despite multiple notices and extensions, the city said work on the property has been "sporadic at best," and ceased altogether, with partial work performed on only three of the fourteen units.

The City of Eureka said it does not undertake the action lightly, or without considering impacts to tenants. According to the city, the Squireses and Smith have been informed that tenants must be provided relocation assistance benefits. Additionally, the city said it is prepared to provide benefits, should the property owner and/or receiver fail to do so. Furthermore, City staff said they will be working with service providers to determine what housing options may be available to displaced tenants.

The City of Eureka issued the following statement in a press release on Friday:

The closure of this apartment complex is only necessary due to the failure on the part of the owners and receiver to correct the serious violations that place the residents and first responders at risk. Given the imminent threat posed by the landlord’s continuous and flagrant disregard for both state law and the safety of his tenants, the City has no choice but to take this action.

Floyd and Betty Squires were not immediately available for comment.

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