Eureka Police Dept. welcomes 2 new officers

Ryan Cassidy

The Eureka Police Dept. (EPD) announced Thursday that they have brought two new officers onto their team.

"It's certainly exciting to be hiring new police officers," EPD Police Chief Steve Watson said. "Recruiting and retention is a national issue. Everyone is having a hard time finding qualified candidates who can make it through the background process and actually want to be police officers."

According to the California Police Chiefs Association, rural police stations have an especially hard time recruiting officers.

"And so everyone is competing from a relatively small candidate pool," Watson said.

EPD is welcoming Timothy Marsolan and Ryan Cassidy to the department.

"Timothy Marsolan actually comes to us with over 11 years of law enforcement experience, including Arcata and Ukiah Police Departments," Watson said.

Marsolan has a degree in political science and a teaching credential from Humboldt State University.

"With that experience and that sort of liberal arts background, I'll think he'll be a great fit for our department," Watson said.

The chief also discussed newcomer Cassidy's background.

"Ryan Cassidy spent six years in the U.S. Air Force and came here to Eureka to join his family who relocated here," Watson said.

Cassidy is originally from Pennsylvania and is currently attending College of the Redwoods' Police Academy.

"He'll be sponsored by EPD and at the end of that intensive six-month training period, he'll join us as an entry-level officer in our field training program," Watson said.

The chief added that EPD is still working to hire eight additional officers and two sergeants.

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